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Moving Cleaning Service  Checklist      

•Mirrors Cleaned and Shined  
•Clean santize,disinfect in/exterior of all vanities 
•Clean and santize,disinfect sinks 
•Polish faucet 
•Wipe inside/out cabinets and drawers 
•Dust/Wipe vents 
•Deep cleaning and santizing,disinfecting tub & shower 
•Clean and Sanitize  toilet (behind as well) 
•Clean Baseboards 
•Remove cobwebs 
•Clean light fixtures 
•Clean floors with appropriate cleaning agents
•Clean windowsills, blinds, tracks, and screens 
•Clean electrical outlets 
•Spot clean, disinfect bathroom door 

Move In or Out House Cleaning

•Remove cobwebs 
•Clean back splash of  stove 
•Clean interior /exterior of cabinets / drawers 
•Clean light fixtures 
•Clean inside/outside of  stove/clean hood 
•Clean light switches 
•Clean,santize,disinfect  inside/outside/ refrigerator 
•Clean, santize,disinfect  and polish sink & faucet 
 •Clean  refrigerator & sanitized
•Sweep & mop floor with appropriate cleaning agents
•Clean,santize,disinfect  inside/outside of microwave 
•Clean baseboards 
•Clean & Sanitize counter tops 
•Clean electrical outlets 
•Clean entire stove and oven (pull out) 
•Clean dishwasher inside/outside  

Move In or Out Cleaning Services
Living Areas/Dining 
•Clean all windowsills, tracks & blinds 
•Wipe down all surfaces 
•Clean sliding glass doors 
•Clean ceiling fans (including lights) 
•Clean all light fixtures 
•Wipe down all closets 
 •Clean all floors with appropriate cleaning agents
•Dust all corners (high/low) 
•Remove cobwebs 
•Clean all baseboards 

Move In or Out Cleaning Services 

•Wipe down all  surfaces 
•Clean all windowsills, tracks & blinds and baseboards
•Clean ceiling fans (including lights) 
•Clean all light fixtures 
 •Clean floors  with appropriate cleaning agents 
•Dust all corners (high/low) 
•Wipe down all closets interior and exterior
Santize,disinfect Doors ,swtich plates 

Moving Cleaning Services

Stairs/ Foyer/ Hallways 
•Dust light fixtures and window treatments 
•Dust window sills and frames 
•Dust top of door frames and spot clean doors and door knobs 
•Dust for cobwebs 
•Dust ceiling fan blades 
•Dust baseboards 
•Vacuum / sweep and mop floors with appropriate cleaning agents

Move Cleaning Out  Services

Laundry Area
• Wash and Dryer wiped
• Floor will be vacuumed and/or Mopped
with appropriate Cleaning agents
• Remove cobwebs 
Pro House Cleaning Services 

Moving House Cleaning Service Checklist

Our moving in/out cleaning package is an extensive deep clean designed to thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom. Ideal for end of tenancy cleaning and bond recovery! Our moving house cleaning service usually takes between 3 to 10 hours to complete. This depends on the size of your home and it's current condition.

We also offer additional services such as carpet steam cleaning,window cleaning service

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